The Dangers of the Crab Mentality in the Ghetto, Part I

The public school education system in the ghetto is like no other. Not only does the crab mentality exist on fishing boats but also in the inner city. When sea creatures that have been captured by man, they will never allow fellow creatures escape in the bucket. Crabs are known for this and this form of fallacy is extended to humans too. For those not familiar with the crab mentality, it is defined by this phrase ‘if I cannot have it, neither can you’. Not only is the crab mentality true but it is amazing how I can recall many stories demonstrating how true it is.

I think one of the earliest times I witnessed this was when I was in a middle school that was public. This particular middle school in the South Bronx was notorious and had been closed down many times. It was obvious that many of these students came from tough backgrounds although their behavior was inexcusable. There was so much misbehavior and craziness going on in the school that it needs its own blog post.

I was in the sixth grade during the 1999-2000 academic school year. This transition from elementary to middle school was scary. I never witnessed so much students pulling the fire alarm, smoking cigarettes in the classroom, girls cutting classes and getting their hair braided, throwing milk into the street from windows and other craziness. The misconduct of the student body had gotten so out of hand that the school began providing students with incentives for good behavior. These incentives did not always work so sometimes principals had to come in a classroom and sit there assuring their behavior. This was true when visitors from the state came to the school building. These forms of incentives did not always work just like the classic ones such as a teacher bringing kids candy on the first day of classes.

Anyway there were kids that were being rewarded while being monitored. There was one student who was just notoriously bad and was a special education kid. Everytime he misbehaved he would say things to justify his bad behavior. He would say things like he cannot help it because he is black, he did no eat  all day or the best one that he did not take his medication. This kid went from bad to good in a matter of weeks. It seemed as if he had starred in an episode of scared straight.

We are going to call this kid Ray. Ray behaved so good that he won a free pass to Sony Wonder and a gift card. He was envied by everyone because he went from 0 to 60 in a matter of months. That good behavior began to change after he formed a bond with a kid named Nathan. Nathan was bad and the girls still liked him. Nathan was the type to bring cigarettes, beer and all forms of contraband into school. He was funny and a jerk BUT deep down he was a nice kid. Ray and Nathan had become inseparable especially when the weather got warmer. They would leave the school building well before 3pm, the time the school bell would dismiss the class.

One day Nathan and I overheard a teacher saying that Ray was going to win the prizes for his behavior turnaround. That was when I noticed Nathan acting different and even behaving worse in class. I am not too sure if his bad behavior was to impress a girl he had a crush on or to influence and eventually sabotage Ray. It seemed that he envied Ray for the attention of the teachers he was receiving. He earned praise from everyone including the teachers and principal. They both began to change toward one another. Nathan and Ray cut school at around 1 pm but the kids were returned to school building by 1:30 pm by police officers in St. Mary’s Park. I remember the school dean coming into the classroom and telling the science teacher that Nathan and Ray were skipping class and smoking weed. Nathan and Ray sat at the dean’s office and while the situation amused Nathan it upset and angered Ray. Ray was so angry at himself but he knew through that experience that Nathan was never his friend. Ray gave in and fell victim to Nathan’s claws while losing his incentive. So Ray remained ‘good’ for the entire school year behaving but not being rewarded for nothing. All of those points he earned to get those rewards were lost. The prinicipal told Ray that either he get suspended for 5 days and complete an after school program or to sacrifice all of those good points and start anew. He chose the second option. Ray and Nathan were never friends after that especially when it became obvious that Nathan envied Ray.

That was an example of the crab mentality in the ghetto. This crab mentality comes in other forms as well. The death of high school seniors who aspire to go to college die at the hands of bullets not meant for them. Also youth who receive an academic or athletic scholarship die too. A woman who had a promising modeling career was stolen by a bullet meant for her. Although the ghetto is plagued by socio-economic hardships, it does not excuse the victim narrative that is fueled by the liberals. There are too many people who are lost and do not work or go to school on purpose. What I mean is that there is no productivity in their lives. Based on my experiences the victim narrative promotes laziness, less merit,  and paves the way for more inexcusable behaviors etc. Those that follow and fuel victim narrative believe in blaming others of their shortcomings but not themselves.

Ray fell victim for the crab mentality but hopefully he learned that sometimes those closest to us do not wish us happiness. People are envious of others especially in the inner city. If Ray was not wearing the most recent pair of Jordan’s, he would walk around with a cell phone, he had many cd player’s etc. Owning a pair of Jordan’s can get someone killed in the ghetto. People in the ghetto (I am generalizing a bit) would rather line up for Jordan’s before a job, or government cheese or similac.

Misery loves company and that includes ghetto trash people. I liken ghetto people to social justice warriors. These two groups have many similarities aside from just being pawns and puppets of the globalist elite. They also are walking and contradictory hypocrites. Look at the social justice warriors and their expensive iPhones or Android device while they have a sticker on their laptop saying ‘capitalism sucks’,‘greenpeace’, Pikachu, rainbows to express LGBTQ solidarity, amnesty international, or the sickle and hammer meant to represent communism. These social justice warriors preach socialism but buy products manufactured and assembled by dirt cheap labor which ought to be considered slave labor. In the ghetto they will receive social programs to assist them with rent such as Section 8, DRIE, SCRIE while being able to afford Louis Vuitton or Coach handbags. It has gotten ridiculous.

At hindsight it makes sense why my parents always grew up telling me not to share my happiness with people in the community I reside in. The happiness must be held privately. Happiness comes in the forms of spiritual salvation, relationships, health, wealth, beauty, education and those who do not have it dislike you and want to take it was away from you.

So do not have kids out of wedlock, do not seep with a married man, do not blame the white man for social ills, do not spend hours waiting on line trying to buy Jordan’s. As a matter of fact stop with the Jordan’s because ghetto people need to understand that Michael Jordan and his wealthy self does not give a shit about ghetto people. There is a huge abortion problem in the inner city among blacks and Hispanics. I propose Jordan makes his own brand of condoms and watch safe sex rise at an all-time high in the ghetto!

I will write more on the crab mentality in the ghetto and how it is fueled by the Democratic Party in the USA, Hollywood, Mainstream Media and Academia.


Deplorable M