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Harrison Bergeron and Death of high culture posts 

Those posts are incomplete and I thought I uploaded complete versions of these blog posts. The completed drafts must have erased or something. I will work on these and edit them before the end of May. I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. 

Why Kurt Vonnegut’s Harrison Bergeron is one of my favorite short dystopian stories of all time

When a short story begins like this…

THE YEAR WAS 2081, and everybody was finally equal. They weren't only equal 
before God and the law. They were equal every which way. Nobody was smarter 
than anybody else. Nobody was better looking than anybody else. Nobody was 
stronger or quicker than anybody else. All this equality was due to the 
211th, 212th, and 213th Amendments to the Constitution, and to the unceasing 
vigilance of agents of the United States Handicapper General.

You often wonder if it can happen in America. All I can say is that after reading this short story, my point of view on equality has changed drastically. 1 on 1 is equal. It sounds simple enough but it is not. When people think of equal, they think about sameness, similarity but what if equal does not necessarily have to mean balanced? Even concepts of equality can be exaggerated if one thinks about it. Vonnegut demonstrates that notion in this short story that was published in 1969 in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Latina Redpill in NYC

red-pillLatina Redpill in New York City


Hello my name is Deplorable ‘M’ and I am going to write an honest post. Without being too detailed in this account, I will briefly explain how I became a staunch conservative/libertarian residing in New York City. Sometime in the future I plan on writing a more detailed account of this political, social and spiritual shift in the future. I can honestly say with confidence that I am every leftist’s nightmare. The reasons for this are because I am a Latina/Hispanic, female, from the South Bronx, not a welfare recipient; high school diploma recipient, college educated, childless, single… this list can be endless. As I stated, I can get specific about these reasons in the future. I want to make it known that I was not always a right winger. I used to consider right-wingers as being too traditional, angry, ignorant, and repressed in many aspects. Some of these beliefs I once held have been used to verbally assault right wingers and still are today. Both sides of the political spectrum have used ad hominem attacks the most but I notice it more with the left.

Over a decade ago, I considered myself an atheist while simultaneously acknowledging a spiritual void. I do not know what it was for me at that time but turning 18 years old made me think a lot about life. Why am I here? What is my purpose? Do I even have a purpose? And many other questions that have the human mind since creation. I at the time was a liberal who supported homosexuality, abortion, and anything that was ungodly according to the bible. I was also a very depressed person who had severe self-hatred. Many of us have and still continue to feel this way about ourselves. There were times when something good would enter my life and I would deny it. I knew innately that I could not be an atheist for long and always believed that there was a creator. I considered Buddhism, Islam, Jehovah’s Witness at different points in my life but no avail. In 2010, I declared myself a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. I became a Christian. Even I was shocked because I had been annoyed at how Christians used to attack me for my atheist views years before. I am still a lukewarm Christian trying to become more spiritual and trying to depend less on worldliness.

Christianity and how I fell for liberalism

The same year I became a Christian, I began my first year in college. I was excited and nervous because it had been a long time since I sat in a classroom setting. I was scared because of my newfound faith and how it would be challenged in academia. I was even warned by a friend to not believe everything that I was being taught. I took that warning very lightly because I appreciated everything I was learning and was even falling for it. After my first year of college I can honestly say that I did not take that advice to heart. I became a leftist officially during my spring semester of 2012. It took almost two years for me to convert into this line of thinking. At hindsight, I think I had succumbed to the peer pressure of the college campus and its faculty, staff and students. Peer pressure is not exclusively limited to children and teenagers it exists in adulthood.

Liberalism was everywhere in college campuses with rainbow flags celebrating LGBTQ which even I found offensive. The rainbow holds a significant symbol in the bible where in the book of Genesis, God made a covenant to never destroy the earth with water again. When I read that verse, I felt a chill down my spine and that was when I knew that my God was real. Also I did not know what feminism was except that it had to do with gender equality. Feminists always complained about the gender pay gap, oppression and more of their whining which is false. They celebrated women who had abortions, refused to wear makeup, or traditional women’s clothes. These are some of the many groups of people I have encountered in college.

I saw a lot of hypocrisies with the leftists I encountered in college. They are all for diversity of cultures, foods, clothing but not with ideas especially those that oppose theirs. I have seen instances where an individual with conservative stances on gay marriage, abortion, open borders, and other dissenting opinions get attacked. The person will not be challenged by using logic or facts but via ad hominem. Statements will be made such as ‘you are probably a closeted homosexual’ or ‘you are an ignorant son of a bitch’ and every other insult with suffixes such as –ist and -phobic. As a staunch leftist at the time, I did not agree with these tactics against right wingers. Even I experienced attacks from fellow leftists for stupid reasons such as being a Christian, exclusively dating white males, listening to classic rock tunes etc. I had been accused of trying to be white.

Even then I knew that some of my beliefs held a lot of contradictions. For instance, being a Christian and a liberal was like mixing oil and vinegar. Of course I had not even thought about working on determining what my views were authentically because like most leftists, I was arrogant. I thought that I knew it all. I always took pride in my knowledge because I work damn hard to know the things I know. When I was a child, I was insecure about my looks. I was even told that I was never going to get married or have children. Since I was told that I lacked aesthetic qualities, I thought why not be intelligent. After all some of the people I admired and still do are very knowledgeable people.

Swallowing the redpill capsule

By the time I had graduated my college which was a community college; I went on an adventure where I had life experiences that have molded me to reconsider my political stances on varying issues. Thankfully it was nothing traumatic but significant enough to plant seeds in me. I returned to college the same year and enrolled as a history major and in a human rights program. I was disgusted by many of the social justice movements that were promoted by the human rights program due to police brutality. I hated and still hate the Black Lives Matter movement.

As a resident of the South Bronx, I knew some black males that had passed or were injured due to gun violence. These tragic deaths were committed by other fellow black males and yet did not cause national outrage. Then it is funny how I noticed white and Jewish liberals protecting for black lives matter when they live in affluent and safe communities in the city of New York and upstate. They have no idea what it is like to see junkies in their pathway, drug dealers fighting, loud rap music when people are trying to go to sleep or gunshots. I want to ask these BLM supporters a lot of questions. What about the black children that get wounded or killed by bullets that was not intended for them? Where is the outrage???What about the black fetuses that are aborted across the United States? Don’t those black lives matter too???!!! How is it that this movement is spearheaded by three black lesbians who have very little to no interest in even creating black lives???!!!! This movement was not created by black people but it was created by George Soros. Soros, like many globalists, would donate to causes that are used to cause turmoil and in turn provide him with profits. I hate throwing this name to people and yet refuse to do research on who he is and his influence in world affairs. Soros has even stated that blacks are very easily manipulated and he is right! The deaths of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner and others were tragic but could have been avoided if blacks in America were not in a culture that promotes violence against each other and to have a deep hatred toward the police. Martin could have obeyed Zimmerman instead of behaving like a spoiled brat. Wilson may not have shot Brown if he had not been physically attacking him. Garner, who has a lengthy criminal record, would not have died of that chokehold if he just would have not resisted arrest. The mainstream media purposely hid facts about these and other cases to fuel the narrative of white cops versus black criminals and law enforcement versus civilians.

I had a class assignment that questioned the legitimacy of the BLM movement and how the police can be weakened. An hour after emailing that assignment, two NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Weng-jan Liu were shot and killed by a crazed black gunman. His YouTube subscription contained saved videos from The Young Turks, a news organization that is named after a nationalist terrorist group that formed in the late Ottoman period. TYT news network has been rumored to be sponsored by the Saudi Arabian government according to Alex Jones of Infowars. I can write a book about the issues in the black community and I will elaborate on BLM at another time.

The final straw was Islam. I had always defended Islam although I only knew some of the verses that existed in the Quran and the Hadith. When I was a leftist, I thought that anyone who attacked or spoke ill of Islam was only influenced by the September 11 attacks. Now I have also taken three courses that had to do with Islam which include History of the Modern Middle East from the founding of Islam to present, History of the Ottoman Empire, and History of Women and Gender in Islam. Another history course that I took that made me understand Islam more was History of the Balkans during the 20th century. The Balkans, located in Southeastern Europe, was under Ottoman control beginning with Battle of Kosovo in 1389 until the late 1800s. After having taken that course, I realized that my conservative friends had been telling me the truth about Islam all along. It was not a peaceful religion but ‘piece-ful’. Many of the college professors that taught these courses were apologists and wanted to depict this political ideology that is cloaked as a religion as peaceful. I can elaborate on my views of Islam and how I came to learn the truth about it at another point. I will say that it was at least six months before the presidential election here in the United States that I came to realize how dangerous it was! I must elaborate on Islam because this ideology is such a threat and this death cult had and continues on terrorizing the world since the 7th century.

I can honestly say that the history courses I have seen and the stupidity of the human rights program pushed me to become a right winger. The icing on the cake was when Donald J Trump announced that he was running for President of the United States. I admired his speech because it was honest and brutal. It was coming from a genuine place especially since Trump comes from the old school where he does not have a filter. No one can blame Trump for being such a straight shooter especially since he is no politician that got him elected and his bravado that demonstrates his New York City upbringing.

This political shift has improved my well-being spiritually and emotionally. I no longer play the victim narrative or anything of that nature. I am also happier and more optimistic about my future. It is as if I am finally beginning to understand what it is like to be an adult. An individual turning 18 years old makes someone an adult legally but what about emotionally, spiritually or mentally?

I do not believe in identity politics but I have to let you readers know that I am a Latina female who has swallowed the redpill. I lost friends due to this political climate and gained more friends. My support of Trump has made me have a better understanding of the American political system, its history and why I consider the United States to be the greatest country in the world. I see nationalism as a necessary evil and sacred whereas globalism destroys individuality and creates a oneness that ought to not be shared with some cultures i.e. Mohammedans.

Thanks for reading my article!!! There will be more to come.

Deplorable ‘M’